Who We Are

 We cherry-pick our limes...

At the risk of creating the proverbial fruit salad, let's start by saying we've been able to cherry-pick our limes. That is to say that Twisted Lime Media, currently in our second year, has been borne from the select talents of experienced strategic, creative and technical operatives.

We came together long before Twisted Lime Media, from different backgrounds, companies and experiences — drawn together by a shared desire to move beyond the status quo to generate engaging, compelling products that meet our clients' needs while exceeding their expectations. In fact two of our founding partners have been developing Web and media solutions together for over a decade.

In January 2008, we formalized our relationship by creating a Vancouver-based company — our strong nucleus of talent is enhanced with the abilities of select associates ranging from internationally recognized video producers to special effects professionals. Our skills range the full gamut of code development and database expertise, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, ASP, JSP, DHTML, XML and many other acronyms — the list goes on and we've worked with them all.

Be sure to wander over to the Limer Notes page if you'd like a little more detail on our key personnel.