Web Design & Development Solutions

We mean it when we say your Web site should be more than just another pretty interface.

So while eye-catching design is integral to us at Twisted Lime Media, we believe that success is measured by the robustness of our Web builds, based on seven overarching criteria: standards compliance, accessibility, mobility, find-ability, scalability, extensibility, and single-source content. If we don't deliver those, we haven't delivered you a very good Web site.

Basically, what all this means is that we take care of the planning, devising, designing, building, testing and hard stuff, so the technology works for you, simply.

We invite you to take a look through our solutions at left to see how we can deliver on your online needs.

Would you like some more details?

Well, since you asked...

The Codewise Presentation Manager framework is our own veteran software package that enables us to swap out all aspects of the site design at will. Codewise is a highly standards compliant and effective framework for managing all aspects of Web site delivery. It allows us to take any Web site and serve it up in any look and feel, in any server environment, on one or more domains. That's right, it can even cross domains allowing for third party server solutions to take on the look and feel of your own Web site.

Codewise brings your content to life using an interface that's a looker and tough as nails: yours. Its hidden talent is an ability to deliver your site to every Web-enabled device seamlessly — from the latest generation Web browser to the most basic mobile phone.

We've pioneered a kind of über SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which builds enhanced searchability into the core of the design. So search engines are always in love with your site without you constantly having to bring them flowers.

We worked it out: It would take another developer at least a year to build all these services from scratch. But that's Codewise's starting point — saving you time, money and other assorted headaches, and delivering more bang for your buck.

Enabling a Web site with Codewise allows us to achieve amazing results in:

Our work utilizing Codewise has won a couple of Interactive Media Awards, including a top 2% winning entry for the Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki Web site: of the 243 winning entries in 2006 (from a total of 1,391 submissions, originating in 42 countries) the IMA Judges were asked to evaluate the cream of the crop, and the Trump Waikiki site was one of the top 33 highest scoring entries. (And we don't mind adding that it scored 100 out of 100 on cross platform performance.)