Video For Web & Mobile

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It used to be that moving to video marketing didn't make a lot of sense for most companies and organizations. It was big to produce, costly to air on TV, and challenging to find the right demographic with your ad buy dollars.

That was then; this is now.

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Make the most of the small screen

Today, smaller is becoming as effective as bigger, TV is being matched in effectiveness by the Internet and, as a result, the right demographic can now find you.

At Twisted Lime Media, we know this is the time and place for creating a new kind of video product — one created specifically for the Web and viral marketing campaigns. We call them guerrilla productions (as in the true definition of “little attacks”) with lower budgets, that can change and keep up with your project, production or promotion messaging.

Their success lies in their simplicity. Rather than make one long, big budget video (though we also do that, too!), we can shoot and edit frequent short videos that are effective and more economical.

It also means you'll stay ahead of the newest ways your audiences think about and view videos, helping you reach them with up-to-the-minute technology and distribution methods via the Internet, such as YouTube, Daily Motion, the hundreds of aggregators out there — and, of course, your own Web site.

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