Go Mobile: Take Your Web Site Places It's Never Been

Note:  Since this page uses JavaScript to simulate how our Web site appears on a mobile (or other) device with less than a desktop computer's level of JavaScript capability, it is not only impossible to show you, but entirely redundant as well.

Web Sites For Every Device

Instant access and that means being 100% mobile. No matter where your customers are. That's what corporate marketing is fast becoming all about.

In an increasingly mobile-dependent world, customers want — and expect — access to your information, services and products at a moment's notice, via their BlackBerry, iPhone or cell phone. And if it's not there, they'll find someone else who can provide what they're after.

Find out how Twisted Lime Media can take your Web presence mobile the easy way — without the time and cost of building multiple parallel sites for each kind of device.

And try out our demo (above) to see how our site looks and operates on a mobile device. Would you like some more details?

The Mobile Web

Is Your Web site?

  • 100% mobile on any Web enabled device
  • no compromising on site performance
  • maximizing your visitor's viewing experience
  • increasing and enabling developer capabilities
  • delivering significant SEO benefits
  • saving time and money
  • able to work with any browser

The online marketing problem for companies and organizations comes in a convergence of two trends — the spectacular growth in hand-held mobile devices (all with their own unique hardware and software combinations) and Web sites that just can't keep up with those devices.

It's estimated that 50% of the world's Web sites can be viewed via mobile devices, and 50% can't. But that's misleading because while many of the first 50% can technically be “viewed”...

Are you maximizing your Web site's impact? Are you reaching all your visitors?

According to a recent Gartner study, a growing portion of North American companies are going wireless with their phones. The study found that by 2011 the number of workers equipped exclusively with mobile phones will surpass those with only desk phones. By 2012 nearly one-quarter of workers will be mobile only.

Uh, anyone know of a desk phone that allows you to browse the Web?!?

Is your Web site like that? Can it even be accessed at all by the growing segment of mobile users?

At Twisted Lime Media, we know how important it is for your company to get ahead of the curve and have a Web presence that's infallible on every device — from the highest high-powered desktop computer to the lowest level cell phone. And we can help make that happen for you.

Since it's results that matter and not process, we won't get into the long story of how our Codewise mobile technology works. But what it means for you is that with it your Web site can be viewed on all devices — and through only a single source of code.

What's the advantage of single source? Well, it means that many mobile Web sites rely on distinct Web builds for each major handheld device, meaning companies have to maintain a bunch of parallel Web sites to communicate the same information. With Codewise, you just need one Web build which will display content correctly on all Web-enabled devices — making your life a whole lot easier.

Oh, and our Codewise technology even works with Content Management Systems we can provide you with — allowing for sites that you can manage, edit, and add to while still being handheld-accessible.

If you would like to know more about how it all works, we'd love to talk with you. Just give us a call.