Marketing Solutions

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Sir Richard Branson
 Checkmate: Strategic design delivered right

The single greatest benefit of the Internet to advertisers is “spiral marketing”, the ability to reinforce messaging across multiple medium until it becomes self sustaining. Twisted Lime is a marketing strategy company offering advertising/branding, marketing consultation, as well as creative services in order to support our clients and meet all of their creative needs.

Success for our clients in today's integrated marketplace demands that we provide our clients with outstanding services that include: TV, film, video, radio, print, and the Web. We can provide our clients with a full service solution or the option to pick and choose from the services we provide. Twisted Lime's advantage lies in our expertise in: integrating and leveraging campaigns across multiple medium and into many markets; creating coherent marketing; providing spiral benefits by delivering effective and pervasive messaging for our clients.

We specialize in helping companies generate sales in their target markets by our being specialists in media design, development and messaging. We know exactly what it takes to penetrate these difficult markets and do so in a way that generates maximum results.

Our experience includes: launching products internationally; marketing campaigns for television, print, Web; integrating TV, film, video, radio, print, and the Web; and leveraging multiple medium to maximize ROI for our clients. Twisted Lime has expertise in B2B, B2C, corporate communications, as well in the evaluation and leveraging of sponsorship, licensing and product placement... talk about your spiral benefits!