Animating & Interacting

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On one side of the coin is the beauty: eye candy that will make your video or Web site captivating.

On the other is the brain: the facilitator of a two-way conversation that integrates your audiences deeply into your site giving them a complete experience.

And we bring both lots of both to the table. But of course there's more to it...


Using a whole bunch of programs with cool names, we can take your video or Web site to a level you maybe hadn't thought about. Want a commercial where an elephant meanders along a hospital hallway? Or maybe a Web site where waves lap restlessly in what is otherwise a still image? It's all about those programs with the cool names. We can create real “unrealities” for you. An example of this is the above animation done for BCcampus, explaining the intricacies of their Learning Gateway project. What you are viewing is a video capture of a Flash-based animation.

And then there's the Interactive

What has interactivity got to do with animation? Actually that's a pretty good question. The essence of the answer is how animation is used. When it's used for something like a video or television ad, there really isn't that much opportunity to interact with your audience. But when you dive into the online world, that's when animation takes on the ability to communicate more than a flashy one-way message.

Effective communicators speak well but listen better. Your Web site can too.

Strategically using forms, databases and other applications, we can help you make the most of even the smallest contact with each visitor — capturing information that will expand your customer profiles and drive your audience-engagement strategies and tools, even when the content looks as good as it listens.