Skins: Change Your Look & Feel with Codewise

Codewise Web Presentation Management

Twisted Lime's “skin” technology allows you to quickly and easily change the entire look and feel of your Web site.

Go ahead, ask your Web gal / guy how difficult it is to swap out the full Web design on the fly... especially if it's all got to be mobile-accessible too! (We'll give you a hint: it's not easy for most and practically impossible for some.)

Simply click on a screen below to pick a different skin and start browsing around the site in its new persona; when you're done having fun, click the lime wedge icon that will appear on the right of the page — just like the one to the right — to reset back to this design.

Would you like some more details?

Well, since you asked...

Integrating Codewise Skin technology benefits:

  1. Greatly reduces time and resources to roll out a completely new Web site “look and feel”
  2. Increases Web site reliability across browsers and platforms
  3. Uses less bandwidth and server resources
  4. Visitor's access and transfer time is much faster from page to page
  5. Only outputs relevant data based on the visitors capabilities

It used to be that having a static Web design meant you were sticking to your branding — to your corporate look and feel.

Today, it's become a lock and chain — confining you to a look you're desperate to change from time to time.

We're moving into an era when companies and organizations not only have to be dynamic, they have to appear dynamic. Promotions, product branding, and partnership opportunities all mean that your Web site needs to be able to morph quickly so you can take advantage while those opportunities can still be leveraged.

Let's take an example:

That's a lot of work. What if, instead, you could just throw a switch (quite literally) and have a new co-branded page replace your usual page, with all the usual content and / or navigational changes you might have made since the last time that page was updated?

Sound too simple? Too good to be true? Well, yes to the first question, but no to the second.

With our Codewise technology, changing all or part of your site is literally as simple as flicking a switch. In fact, we like to call it our Skin Switcher (as seen above).

With a standard Web site, content is built into the design. Actually, it's more it's like locked into a design. Oh sure, there's lots of great work being done with CSS and the separation of content and presentation content these days. But, what Codewise does is take that further and truly separate the content from the design, meaning your existing information can easily be ported from one look & feel to another in the blink of an eye. This means layouts, graphics, fonts, navigation style and placement, colours and more can / do all change — independent of your content, which you are free to change as you see fit. And all those design elements can switch back — or to something new and completely different — whenever you want.

Does it get any easier than that?