About Our Site

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This is our new Web site, designed and build by us, for us. This mostly Flash- free, frame- free, highly compliant, compatible, and accessible DHTML was carefully hand-coded for precision, and features our own Codewise technology. Please enjoy responsibly.

 Canadian made... Made in Canada.

On a bit of an aside...

We can tell that you're the highly observant type, and see that you couldn't help but notice that our site is mostly free of Flash. What gives, you ask? Well...

Our Thoughts on the Use of Flash

We're sure you know that Flash Player is a popular, free Web browser plugin. You likely also know that many, many Web sites out there require that the latest version of Flash Player be installed in order to “enjoy” their advanced (?), interactive (?) features. You've probably also witnessed first-hand that plenty of those sites fail to make even the most basic efforts to ensure that their content is available without the latest and greatest Flash plugin... to say nothing of how you get treated without Flash installed. (You iPhone users know what we're talking about, right?) So sad, really...

We're not saying we can't or won't work with Flash — quite the contrary — it's just that we advocate using Flash for what it's good for: flashy bits. For us that means ensuring that your site is usable for any visitor, and that the important, meaningful content in your Web site is not trapped in the highly inaccessible (not to mention down-right search-engine hostile) Flash format. Usually we find ourselves asking the question “What's the point of Flash for Flash's sake, when the client would be better served using DHTML?”

Sometimes Flash is the right way to communicate a client's message, in which case we will augment our properly built Web sites with Flash-based content, but we do so without compromising on the high levels standards compliance, accessibility, and findability that our clients want (and that we demand of ourselves).

And once in a while we see a full-Flash site that we actually quite like: our friends at HUB Display Works, for example, have a fantastic Flash-based Web site (designed and managed by our former cohorts at B3 Communications). Without Flash Player installed you won't see much, but you do get the essentials: their logo, their contact information, and a brief blurb about “What HUB Can Do For You and Your Company”... it's the least you can do if you're going to create a full-Flash site.